Heating Systems – Furnace Installation & Repair

At Associated Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. we believe the heating system that is in your home or office is much more than a heating system…it is your living environment.

Associated Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. installs and maintains many different type of heating systems for all of your residential and commercial needs. There are dozens of ways to heat your home. This following information will cover a few of the most common types of heating units available.

Gas Burning Furnaces

gas-furnace Gas or fuel burning furnaces all work on the same basic principle. The fuel is burned inside an enclosed metal container (commonly referred to as a fire box or a heat exchanger). The exhaust gases (including carbon monoxide) are vented to the exterior of the building. The burning of the fuel warms the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger, now hot, radiates the heat into the air in the living area. This heated air is circulated by gravity or pumped through the living area with a fan.

Gravity Furnaces

These will usually be found in older homes. They include floor and wall furnaces and some ducted furnaces that are generally in a basement.

gravity-furnace-150x150 The term gravity refers to the fact that the furnace has no blower to move the heated air around the room. They rely on the fact that heated (less dense) air rises and the cooler (more dense) air falls to circulate the heat. This is not a very efficient way to heat a house and generally will be used as a room heater.

Electric Furnaces

Are not the best ways to heat your home and are expensive to operate. They can make your electric meter spin like a top. They work like those old bathroom electric coil heaters except that they are enclosed in a box with a blower forcing the cold air across them heating the air for the living area.